About us

Our company exists to foster prosperity by creating stronger, adaptable, sustainable and responsible business ecosystems.

We are a unique consulting firm specialized in competitiveness and innovation. Our ultimate goal is fostering prosperity wherever we work. We support our clients to build more competitive, sustainable and responsible business ecosystems. We provide a full range of services: competitiveness policies and programs, corporate innovation and shared value strategies, and FDI attraction and impact investments.

We pioneered the work on clusters in the early 90’s, working with regional and national governments, providing them with strategic guidance, change management tools and support in policy design. Professor Michael Porter supported us since our early years.

We started in Barcelona, our initial hometown, and expanded the methodology throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Today we work in the 5 continents.

Our success relies on the understanding of our clients’ challenges, the use and transfer of robust methodologies, our multicultural and experienced team and our international network of experts. We combine global knowledge with local understanding. We are constantly innovating in new services and methodologies to produce the maximum impact and to ensure the most effective project delivery.

As a global reference, our projects have been studied by leading business schools such as Harvard and IESE, and those case studies have been used all around the world. We were one of the founders of the two leading cluster competitiveness entities The Competitiveness Institute (www.tci-network.org) and the European Cluster Excellence Foundation (www.clusterexcellence.org.)

Leading multilaterals, governments and companies choose to work with us.


Since 1992 we partner with ecosystems across the globe.
More than 300 projects in over 40+ countries
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