We are a company with strong values. We want to contribute to make more competitive companies through our people, knowledge and methodologies and maximise the contribution of public administrations and support institutions. Our mission is to increase the prosperity in the regions where we work.


We look fot business school graduates that share our values to contribute to economic development:


  1. Respect: our credibility is won by working very closely with our clients and their companies, without intellectual arrogance and with an immersion in their local reality. 

  2. Methodology: we count on a robust proven methodology that helps our clients find solutions by themselves and that avoids "fashionable" ideas.

  3. Value contribution: we look for long term value for our clients, not to chase opportunities. This value stems from our professionals' work and it is reflected in the compensation system. 

  4. Legitimacy: these values are transferred internally to the organisation and its professionals, seeking continuous methodology  improvement and avoiding intellectual hierarchy. Contributions are evaluated on an analytical and rigour basis. 

  5. Efficiency: we use the most advanced work methods, and we are heavy internet and technology users to improve efficacy and avoid unnecessary expenses to clients, the company and the environment. 

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If you have an MBA and share our values, get in touch with us. Should we find an immediate opportunity or not, surely knowing each other will be positive.


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