How can we help

Our work is aimed at improving firms' competitiveness to increase the prosperity of a territory. This is why we do not work for individual company strategies but in territorial competitiveness programme frameworks, to reinforce their companies or value chains.

Competitiveness works for companies within the institution's area of influence


Competitiveness programmes design

Medium term programmes aimed at improving the competitiveness of companies in a region or territory.


Competitiveness reinorcement initiatives

Intense work programmes to reinforce the competitiveness of a specific company collective such as a cluster or a supply chain.


Maximising impact

Helping the institution materialise the results of the competitiveness reinforcement initiatives.


Evidence-based policies

Adapting or designing new policies and tools to support companies, with the institution leadership or as a partnership.


Our clients

Competitiveness works with the public administration, public-private partnerships and private companies that have fostering firm competitiveness amongst their objectives.


Our clients are multilateral organistions, national, state, regional and city governments as well as chambers of commerce and corporations.




How do we work

We establish close relationships with our clients,  embedding our professionals in the client's team to provide them with all our knowledge and practical experience.


Our methodology transfer programmes combine theory with practice and our clients will be supported by Competitiveness in their location.


Since we did our first methodology transfer programme in 2006, we have supported more than 200 people in governments, development agencies and chambers of commerce in 10 different countries.

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