Your partner in economic development

We work with governments and public-private institutions to improve the prosperity of their territories through competitiveness reinforcement programmes.


We have developed proven methodologies that combine strengthening business strategy and improving the environment in which companies compete.


We establish long term partnerships with our clients to ensure that we move forward together from designing a regional strategy to the implementation of actions to make it possible. We work with their teams from beginning to end.


Our services are mainly based on methodology transfer to the teams that will carry out the process. In order to achieve it, we have advanced training materials  and methods (manuals, case studies, etc.) that will pedagogically transfer our proven methodology.


Competitiveness' seasoned professionals have over 20 years of work experience in several countries and with very diverse industries. The company has been pioneer in bringing competitiveness reinforcement theories to practice.


Competitiveness is always at the forefront of state-of-the-art competitiveness policies. We have a patented methodology and we have developed case studies with the best business schools and universities worldwide.


Our vocation is to transmit our best-in-class methods to our clients so that they remain with them once we have finished our work and they can apply it in their territories. This is why we don’t define ourselves as consultants but as  tutors and experts that support our clients through methodology transfer tools (case studies, videos, seminars, manuals, etc.) that maximize learning.

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