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National Strategy Office
National Strategy Office
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The National Strategy Office is part of the Office of the President of Botswana and leads the efforts in the country to diversify its economy and reduce the dependence on exports of diamonds.


Botswana is often cited as an example of economic miracle in Africa. Some of the factors that explains this perception are related to the political stability of the country, which does not have any record of political violence or civil wars since its independence in 1966; and, on the other hand, to the steady revenue that diamond exports have provided to fund major investments for improving the life quality of its inhabitants.

However, depending on basically one economic activity –diamond mining that accounted for over 76% of the exports revenue in 2018- turned into a major problem for the national economy.

Hence, this cluster development programme was implemented with the purpose of promoting innovation and strategic change on sectors that could diversify the country’s export basket, as well as establish a more strategic and business-oriented model for government institutions that deal with firms and academic institutions in promising industries.

Cluster Development Program Presentattion


  • Training in cluster-related knowledge areas for representatives of government institutions, in alliance with the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence.
  • Technical assistance for the development of three Competitiveness Reinforcement Initiatives for cattle/beef industry in the south of Botswana, adventure tourism in Ngamiland District, and knowledge intensive business services in Gaborone.
  • Support to start the implementation of action plans that resulted from the development of the three initiatives.


  • 51 professionals form government institutions trained in cluster-related subjects.
  • 3 developed Competitiveness Reinforcement Initiatives.
  • Design of US $ 3.2 million worth investment plan for the implementation of actions for the three clusters.

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