An Action Plan for Mexico’s Entrepreneurs

INADEM - State Government Agencies
INADEM – State Government Agencies
Duration of assignment
2014 – 2018


The National Institute of the Entrepreneur (INADEM), part of Mexico’s national Secretariat of Economy, supports entrepreneurs across Mexico through the promotion of innovative activities and policies that facilitate their access to national and international markets. INADEM aims to increase the contribution of entrepreneurs to Mexico’s economic development, social welfare and culture.


A public/private strategy to innovate 34 priority sectors in 17 states. INADEM launched the “Regional Sectorial Competitiveness Program” in order to reinforce 34 distinct value chains of strategic priority across 17 states in Mexico.


We were appointed to lead business leaders and local government officials through strategic analysis, combined with an intensive change management process, in order to reinforce 34 value chains nationwide.

intensive change management process


Our team executed a total of 360 workshops over a 4 year period to innovate entrepreneurial practice through value chain reinforcement initiatives.

Workshops involved the participation of 3,970 companies and 75 government officials, who were trained on Competitiveness’ methodology for value chain reinforcement.

Innovation strategies were documented in a total of 34 detailed action plans, one per sector.

The Secretariat of Economy raised over USD 10.5 million from participating states and companies to finance the action plans derived from the value chain initiatives. The fund is expected to result in more effective output, as the action plans derived from the cluster initiatives all have a sound strategic and market-based analysis behind them.

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