Who we are

We are a young and dynamic group of diverse and multicultural professionals, trained at the best universities.  We have inherited the spirit of the company founders back in 1994 which is contributing to economic the prosperity of regions and nations by helping their companies improve their competitiveness.


We have kept developing best-in-class methodologies and tools to foster this economic development trajectory.



We have worked with over 70 regions all over the world delivering more than 200 Competitiveness reinforcement initiatives in 40 industries.


We work in an average of 10-15 competitiveness reinforcement initiatives a year, we participate in research projects and have close relationship with the thought leaders in competitiveness. We provide our clients with the essential and best tools to make decisions.


70% of our clients have worked with us in long term partnerships.

Experience in different countries

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Competitiveness is born from the collaboration with the best researchers and academicians in the competitiveness field to put in practice their theories.


This is why it is always at the forefront of regional competitiveness policies. In this sense, we have developed publications and case studies with the best universities.


Competitiveness' professionals have been founders of international institutions created to improve the methodology and actively participate in them.


We will keep growing and innovating with our clients, developing ideas, methodologies and knowledge to have more competitive firms and territories.

Methodology transfer

We work with our clients to provide them with the tools to design better competitiveness policies. We do this by transferring our methodology to them so that their teams are able to assist companies in an orderly manner, with consistent answers to their petitions and generate a better dialogue and complicity with them to improve their strategies and business environment.


In order to achieve this we have developed specific workplans in which our professionals act as tutors and rely on structured courses and materials that include theory, case method and other types of practical and pedagogical material. Our professionals will permanently be available for assistance and will be complemented by a group of international experts that can bring theirs analysis and vision of international trends and strategies for the future.


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